Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Inspired by this post by GreenishLady ...

A few years ago, I was trying to come up with a business name. I didn't want it to be specific about what the company would be; I was looking for something generic, that would be fine for whatever I'd do. An umbrella for anything I could come up with.

I'd noticed that I liked those odd combination names, such as "blue rabbit," or "smoking onion." I thought vegetables would be fun, and I quickly decided upon tomato. Not only do I love to grow and eat tomatoes, I also like the play on words, since a "tomato" is slang for an attractive, "ripe" woman.

While doing the dishes one night, I started thinking about adjectives to go with tomato. My son loves cherry tomatoes, but "cherry tomato" just didn't have the zing I was looking for. But what if I changed it to "cheery"? That fit my upbeat personality, and it's playful, a twist on the expected. Perfect! Then I added "productions" -- very generic, but kind of official-sounding, too. Hence, Cheery Tomato Productions.


GreenishLady said...

Ah... mystery solved. I'd been wondering what the "productions" was about. It's in waiting!

Cherry tomatoes - my favourite thing, lately, roasted with courgette & garlic and drizzled with balsamic vinegar. HAS to be cherry tomato, though.

Thanks for playing along. It's fun to see where names originate!

inkberryblue said...

What a great story!
...and there's an award for you over at inkberryblue.
Happy Sunday. =]