Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ross' birthday party

(I would have posted this sooner, but we've been dealing with a computer virus this week. More annoying than malicious, but it's kept me from working on my blog and photos.)

Birthday cake

We celebrated Ross' birthday with a bowling party last Saturday. Bowlers in action -- Ross:

Ross bowling

His best friend Christopher (his mom, Angela, is behind him):

Christopher bowling

Kaitlyn, then her little sister, Courtney:

Kaitlyn bowling
Courtney bowling


JD bowling

A concentrating Chris (my husband):

Chris bowling

Jason and Leo (JD's dad and brother) were watching the fun.

Jason and Leo

Here's the crew, eating cake.

The birthday crew eating cake

Behind the kids are Patricia (Leo's mom) and Holly, the girls' mom.

There are some other pictures on my Flickr site, if you're interested.

The kids are good bowlers -- better than me, anyway! I won't bowl without the bumpers in the gutters anymore. It saves much frustration. A good time was had by all.

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inkberryblue said...

Hi Judy!
Your son's party looks like lots of fun. I love that birthday cake. =]

I've been dealing with a horrible trojan virus this week, too but, thankfully, I managed to clean everything up yesterday.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and saying nice things. I appreciate it.

Happy Sunday!