Sunday, July 20, 2008

Appliques and daylilies

I decided to add appliques to my jumper. The paint seemed a little bland, and I wanted to add more interest. So, I cut open the sleeve of an old denim shirt, spattered some paint on it, and did some writing and doodling on it. After heat setting, I cut out some hearts and sewed them on -- not the neatest zigzag you'll ever see, but that's okay.

Heart applique

I'm going to add some other fabrics, too. I hope I can finish this week!

The other morning I photographed another pretty daylily. Which do you like best? Number one?

Orange and yellow daylily

Number two?

Backlit daylily

Or number three?

Daylily with backlighting (#2)


The Lone Beader said...

Aren't appliques so much fun?? :D

inkberryblue said...

Love the applique!
...and I think that all the photos of the daylily are pretty but I like number two the best.