Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jumper, round 1-1/2

I only gave a little peek of my jumper-in-progress, so now, here's a full view of the front. (This is how it looked when I wore it to church.)

Full front of denim jumper, round 1

Yesterday, I took out the paints and the stamp again, and added more hearts to the back.

Back of jumper, round 1.5

I wanted to work on it more today, but I thought I'd better let it sit for the requisite 24 hours and heat set it before moving on. So, maybe more work tonight.


nonizamboni said...

I really like how this turned out! And well, that giraffe is so cute and colorful. Nice work.
p.s. glad you're a Mary Oliver fan too!

inkberryblue said...

It looks pretty and it's nice to see how this is evolving.