Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A numbered list for Tuesday

1. Wore my jumper on Saturday. I decided it's a tad too short in the back for my comfort, so I wore shorts with it. I spent most of the day at home, but it did travel to the grocery store. Got a compliment from the woman behind me in line. I said "thank you," comfortably. The jumper hung out on the clothesline today.

Jumper on clothesline

2. Remember my quilting practice? I've sewn most of that fabric into an egg shape.

"Egg" front

(Chaplin often checks out my photo shoots.)

"Egg" back

I weighted the egg so that it will stand up. But it's not gonna be an egg forever . . . something's hatching (soon, I hope).

3. Ross made a peace sign ring out of pipe cleaners/chenille stems. Just thought I'd show his latest creative burst. Peace!

Peace sign ring


Cotton Picker said...

Judy, I love the idea of drawing/painting on an item of clothing. Makes we want to try something simple like a border on a skirt hem. Your jumper turned out really nice.

Looking forward to seeing how the egg progresses.


Yolanda said...

I love all these ceations. Thanks for sharing them.

Alma Stoller said...

This is really great. I love all the free motion sewing. Its instant texture and color in one.

Would make a nice Easter ornament.