Friday, August 15, 2008

Jumper progress

I've added all the heart appliques to the denim jumper. Here's the front:

Front of denim jumper, 8/14/08

And the back:

Back of denim jumper, 8/14/08

I'm not so sure I should have put that large heart on the lower right -- it's sort of a target for my butt, you know?!? Oh well.

I really like how the appliques came out. The splatters and writing and doodles catch my eye, and make me want to look closer. The cut-up writing also seems a little mysterious. You can figure out what some of it says, but the holes are a barrier that create some privacy. I can feel safe, writing openly, yet hide parts if I'm not ready to be public with all my thoughts and feelings.

Applique close-up

Not sure what's going to be next, if anything. I'm not quite satisfied -- it doesn't say "finished" to me yet. Embroidery? More paint? I feel like it needs something to get it to all hang together visually. Hmmm . . .


Stacia said...

How about beads? Give it some sparkle. It is really great.


Plain Jane said...

waay fun! The first thing that comes to my mind is to do a embroidered blanket stitch around the neck and arm holes. That might unify it. I think doing anything to the pockets would be too much. Keep us posted!