Thursday, August 21, 2008

Outdoors, late August

Black-eyed Susans

Ross and I have been doing some wandering the last couple days. Summer is winding down, and we can both feel it slipping away. I cannot, will not, regret time spent outdoors.

The city has restored a historic site near Corbin Art Center. The Moore-Turner Heritage Gardens showcase old-fashioned perennials and the lovely little buildings and fountains that were built on a steep hillside by wealthy owners. We visited it for the first time yesterday.

Not much is blooming right now, but we hiked around the grounds and found our favorite spots.

White hydrangeas at fountain

Here's Ross, lost in thought:

Ross at Moore-Turner Gardens

After he spotted me and the camera:

Quick, make a face at the camera!

I'm glad he likes to tromp around gardens and parks with me. He feels his connection to the natural world. I hope that always lives in him, because I think it'll help him throughout his life. I have found so much solace and grace in the outdoors -- I don't think I'd be here without those long, long walks.

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inkberryblue said...

What beautiful photographs and what a lovely gift you are giving to your son. Today, I've been watching and wondering over little honeyeaters who have been collecting twigs to build their nests...and feeling such gratitude that my mother taught me how to appreciate, understand and celebrate nature.
It brings me such quiet joy.