Sunday, August 17, 2008

Too hot!!!

It's been 100+ degrees the last couple of days, and I think my brain is starting to melt.

Do you become absolutely lethargic in the heat, like I do? I wonder if this is how lizards feel when they sun themselves on a rock. I do know that my lizard brain is probably the only thing functioning, because the "higher" thinking skills just want to take a nap. Breathing, sweating, maybe eating now and then -- that's about my speed right now.

Yesterday, insane person that I am, I helped run our church booth at Unity in the Community, an event celebrating the diversity of Spokane.

Now, those of you that've been here, you are probably guffawing. Spokane is really, really white. Really. Yet, somehow, Riverfront Park had the most diverse crowd I've ever seen here. Pacific Islanders doing traditional dances. A boisterous, spirit-filled, racially mixed gospel choir. Girls of every hue doing the Electric Slide together. In 100 degree heat! Oh, man.

I drank a ton of water and sweated it all out. I was exhausted the rest of the day. But I got to watch kids play in our bubble pool and smile as they chose Skittles or Rice Crispie Treats for a snack. I got to invite folks to come visit our church, and I got to hand out flyers about September peace events. And I got to watch those girls dance.

Totally worth it.

Girl making bubbles

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katie said...

100 degrees is hot - you're in the hot end of our state, it's rainy and cool puget sound way. i do remember a rest area off the 90, i think it was spokane or close, where the pines are lovely, their cones big and beautiful, scattered on the ground begging me to pick them up. i found your link on alma's blog although i'm familiar with your beautiful textile work. the event by the river sounded great, including handing out your peace flyers...
stay cool.