Friday, September 5, 2008

Congratulation, brewmasters!

Chris and our friend Matt brewed a lot of beer this summer, and entered some of it in the county fair. The fair opened this morning, so they went to check it out -- and they won some ribbons!

Their extra pale ale (Impaled Ale) won 2nd place. Their hefeweizen (Hanford Hot Days Hefeweizen) won a blue ribbon. And their India pale ale (Fruit Fly IPA) was picked as a Reserve Grand Champion!

Ironically, the best beer they made all summer, a Belgium wheat beer, didn't win anything, because it didn't quite fit into a style category. My art quilts don't fit into neat categories, either, which is why I don't enter them in fairs. The judges are really bound by the category definitions -- they may love what you made, but they can't give you a ribbon. Ah well. Chris and Matt still have the satisfaction of a beer well made. Cheers!


Cotton Picker said...

Aren't country/fall fairs fun? I love them. For the first time, I entered a doll in our local fair, but somehow I don't think my entry fits into "a neat category", as you stated. I will find out tomorrow if I get a ribbon or not.

I used to brew beer for my hubby. Too much work for me these days.

Fellow tomato said...

hello... nice blog... by the way, i have almost the same blog name as yours, oops!!! :-p

Cathy Smith said...

Wow, congrats to Chris on his ribbons for his beers. Great job.