Friday, September 26, 2008

Perennials in fall

Ross's cross country practices are in Manito Park this year. I use his sport practices as an excuse to spend an hour sketching or photographing stuff, so it's been especially nice having my favorite flower gardens as subject matter. The staff has started to cut back the perennials, but there are still some beauties to be seen. The goldenrod is bursting, like fireworks in the sky.


The asters remind me of the smaller bursts on the fourth of July. I can almost hear the whistles, pops, and bangs.

Purple asters

Purple flowers and red leaves

To me, red leaves mean that autumn is here in full force. The days are noticeably shorter here in the northern part of the world. I find myself chasing the last of the daylight in the gardens, shooting madly, knowing I can't quite capture all those heart-stopping moments of beauty, but I chase them just the same.

Purple plumbago (?) in sunlight

Yellow coneflowers

Soon the staff will be cutting back the roses. We've had a warm September, so many of the bushes have renewed blooms -- one last show for the year.

Rose ("Stretch Johnson")

Sunlit white rosebud

I am still shooting a self-portrait every day. I'm sure passersby wonder what I'm doing in the flowerbeds, pointing the camera at myself. I get lots of lousy shots, but now and then, one pleases me. It makes me happy to see myself among the flowers.

Me behind the asters


Cotton Picker said...

Judy, I love goldenrod and the purple ones below it which you have identified as asters. We have both in abundance where I live. I didn't know that the purple ones were called asters, so thanks for the info.

Joanne said...

I love the light in the plumbago shot and the angle of the coneflowers. This is a beautiful series of photographs.

Agnes said...

The roses are really beautiful. Way to much goldenrod here this year...but I've learned to appreciated the beauty of these weeds. the older you get, weeds are even beautiful...unless they are in my garden.

inkberryblue said...

What a feast for the eyes! Your photographs are really lovely.