Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Travel journal

These are some of the finished pages from my Michigan vacation travel journal. (Click on the photos for a better view on Flickr.)

Travel journal page, day one

Whitefish Point journal page

East Channel Light journal page

Peace pipes journal page

(For a photo of these interesting plants, click here.)

Tiny's journal page

Outhouse journal page

Beach journal page

(I had to make the last one smaller so that it would fit the blog width.)

This turned out to be a fun little project. Some days it was hard to come up with a page, but I would come up with something. I liked having something artistic to focus on while traveling, and it took up little space in my backpack. I still haven't finished the last page, and I haven't put a cover on it. But if I never do, that's okay by me. I'm happy with what I did.


Lisa Gallup said...

I love your pages! When I travel I always take a journal and then I collect "stuff" from the day. I try to write in it every night. It takes discipline, but I always love when I stick with it. Nice job! :)

Alma said...


These are superb. How wonderful.

Plain Jane said...

wonderful! aren't travel journal pages fun--such a great, and focused activity on the road.

Gill said...

Judy - I love how you have illustrated your travel memories. I discovered the joys of travel journaling a year or so ago, and I have found that those trips have really stayed with me...

Cotton Picker said...

Judy, these pages are a great idea. I love how you've done them.

nonizamboni said...

Oh, thanks for sharing these gorgeous pages from your trip! Each one a feast. :O)