Friday, September 12, 2008

Walking to school

Holding hands with my son

Ross and I walk to school almost every morning. He needs that time to blow off a little steam and to enjoy the outdoors before he gets into the classroom. I've come to treasure those moments, too. It's a chance to plunge into my day, touch the weather, enjoy fallen leaves or frost or snow or squirrel antics. I try to have my camera with me -- often, the walk home becomes a photo shoot.

The best part of these walks is being with Ross. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don't. He'll often reach out and take my hand, or he'll reach over and give me a hug. Such sweetness! I savor these moments. He is growing up so fast -- I know he will have some years when he will not want to deal with me at all. It's inevitable, natural, and expected. But I can hope that the lovely moments we share now will touch his heart forever.

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inkberryblue said...

What a sweet post ~ such a beautiful start to the day.