Sunday, October 19, 2008

Countdown to ArtFiberFest

I'm in the final countdown till I leave for ArtFiberFest!

My days have been and will be hectic. Making more heart plushies. Doing the round-up of class materials and packing. Picking up the rental car. Making a list for Chris so that he doesn't forget cross country practice, our cat's medication, school picture day -- you get the idea. My boys can manage without me just fine, but somehow, writing it all down reminds me where my days go! I have to take care of some volunteer stuff, as well. (Add grumbling noises here.)

I promise: I will do less, and be, more. Does that make sense? I volunteer a lot. Some of it I love, and some does not feed me at all. My goal is to drop the stuff I do out of guilt. I owe myself that much. I realized how ridiculous things have gotten when Ross was having a meltdown and I felt like yelling, "Not now, honey -- I don't have time for you to have a crisis!" That's not how I want to live. (Actually, it's not living -- it's slavery to my old notions of what I should be doing.)

In the meantime, back to making those plushies, which are giving me lots of smiles.


Plain Jane said...

"I will do less, and be, more."
oh yes, yes, yes. I'm writing that in my journal right now! thanks for the articulate reminder.
enjoy fiberfest!

Stacy (mama-om) said...

I love that quote, too.

And I am a huge fan of saying NO to guilt. ;)