Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Been scrumblin'

Here are the little bits of crochet ("scrumbles") that I've done since Artfiberfest. They're going to evolve into a scarf, I think. I love having something to do in waiting rooms, at the bus stop, etc., that is very low-key. Just playing!


Joanne said...

They're cute! Its nice to do a fun, easy project that kind of grows itself. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

nonizamboni said...

You make crochet look interesting to me again. Thanks!
Loved your 250th post! I'm still so excited about this win and anxious for the change to begin.

Sarah said...

Those are so fun. Wish I could have taken all the classes there. I do wish we could have it every month. I am trying to make everyday a little more like Artfest.
:) - Sarah

ps - yep I am the one with all the soap :)

katie said...

i like your scumbles and i know they'll be lookin cute on a scarf!

i've wanted to go to artfibertest for years but the dates always conflict with my schedule...one day!