Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Damp days

It's been very wet and foggy here in Spokane. The gloom of November is heavy upon us. Yet, I am managing to find beauty and light in the droplets all around me.

Wet branches

I wish my camera did better with this low light. The auto-focus gets a little freaked out, so it's hard to get a crisp photo, and the manual focus is very hard to use. Still, you can see how the moisture clings to everything.

Wet berries

Thanksgiving was quiet, just our little family. Ross decided to implement "Operation Mobile Nap." He spent most of the day crawling around in a sleeping bag, ready to nap anywhere, at any time. That seemed pretty fitting for a dark and wet Thanksgiving day. He would occasionally throw his hacky sack at me -- I think he was wearing his helmet just in case I hit him in the head when I threw it back.

Chaplin and Ross at Thanksgiving

Chaplin was in heaven: lots of bodies to provide warm laps, and turkey, turkey, turkey! I managed to capture him in mid-yawn:

Nap time

It's so amazing that Chaplin is still with us. He is definitely an old and sick cat, but he seems quite comfortable, and he has energetic days -- even chasing squirrels in the back yard this fall. We are grateful for every day we share with him.

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