Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

I was going to send Ross to school as usual this morning.

I really wanted to see Mr. Obama take the oath of office, and to hear his speech. But school starts at 9 am Pacific time, right as he'd be taking the oath (if it was on time). Was I going to drop him off early so that I could get in front of a television quickly?

Then it occurred to me: they may not show the inauguration to the kids at school. The start time might make it impossible. And, honestly? I had serious suspicions that the power-that-be in my son's school might not think it important enough to show history being made. This is a very white city, largely Republican, and I admit that I often feel on guard when it comes to things political.

So. I announced to Ross that he was staying home to watch the inauguration ceremony, and then I'd take him to school. Yesterday I sent email to his teacher and called the attendence (absence) hotline at his school, stating the same thing to them.

He was not nearly as excited as I was, and he did not listen and watch as closely as I did. But I do know that he got to see the moment, and he got to see how important it was to his mother. Good enough for me.

Inauguration Day

(Turns out that the kids did watch it in school. Thank goodness for that!)


Anonymous said...

Yes, it means so much more to us than to them, thank heaven, as it should be. At least one thing is still in its place: childhood. She admitted th new President was boring (it lasted 20 minutes!) but she is captivated with the new girls in the White House, as I was when I was little.

Alma Stoller said...

Hi Judy,

Rose's school delayed her lunch hour so they could watch it. Julian was home with me...he wasn't feeling all that great.... so he and I cuddled on the couch and took it all in.

But he was not as excited either.

It was a great day.


Agnes said...

I still remember when JFK was inaugurated!!! It was a snow day, and the bus didn't run, but there was still school. I didn't go. so I saw it home, but the kids at school saw it, too. It was a catholic high school, and everyone was excited about it. Seems just like yesterday....that's when I was a freshman...I was a senior when the radio came over the loud speaker annoucing his assasinatio.