Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let the sun shine in

Frosted trees on blue sky

Sunday was sunny for the first time in a long time. The frost, built up from several days of freezing fog, was dropping off the trees. Little bits of white pelted me as I walked in the park. The light shined through everything, including the smiles of many winter-weary Spokanites who were outside that afternoon.

Looking up, as frost is falling

Can you see the little streaks of white on the left? That's the tumbling frost.

As always, I followed the light, looking for the most miraculous moment of illumination, trying to coax my camera to catch a bit of magic. My methodology is: click the shutter often, and hope that I get lucky. Later, as I sort through the pictures on the computer, I know I have found something if my eyes open a little wider, if I sit forward in my seat to take a closer look. The photo below made me lean a little closer to the screen today.

I hope you enjoy it, too.

Sun on frosty pine needles


GreenishLady said...

Judy, that's a lovely photo! And the one of the fence from a couple of posts back! ... AND that little artist's book is just wonderful! You are really letting your artist out to play, aren't you?

Joanne said...

That last picture is amazing. I hate being really, really cold but I almost want to come to a place where it snows in winter when I see your pictures.
We don't get snow but we do get weeks of dull days sometimes and isn't it wonderful when the sun shines again? It lifts your spirits sky high.

Cathy Smith said...

Incredible photos, you really have a gift.