Friday, January 23, 2009

Pinewood derby, comin' up

In a flurry of last-minute activity, Ross and Chris finished off their Pinewood Derby car entries, just before the official weigh-in. I don't have photos of them right now, but I promise I will post some after the race on Saturday.

I didn't make a car this year, because I've got so many other projects right now, including creating "driver's licenses" for the scouts to wear on Saturday. Here's Ross' mugshot:

Pinewood derby headshot

Chris is out of town (the trivia contest is early this year), and is disappointed that he won't be at the race. Ross is rarin' to go!


Joanne said...

He's a cutie, but probably too grown up to appreciate being called cute (by anyone but his mom, and only then in a private moment; having two boys, I know these things!;-))

nonizamboni said...

Handsome scout indeed! I remember pinewood derbys at our girls' Catavans @ church--those were kinder, simpler times...
Oh, and LOVE your e4arlier frost photos!
Have a great weekend