Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love is in the air . . .

. . . so when I had to make a sample for my art quilting class, of course I chose the heart! I love that simple shape.

Heart with patchwork

Heart with patchwork (close-up)


When the hungry robins migrate through Spokane, they love to feast upon the red/orange berries of the mountain ash tree. It's amazing to watch a flock of birds (25? 50? more?) descend upon a tree and devour every berry they can find.

Robins in mountain ash (vertical)

What little things are you loving today?


Cotton Picker said...

Judy, you do capture some wonderful nature shots. This is lovely.

Cotton Picker said...

Me again. I meant to comment on the quilt too. Very nice. You're inspiring me to clean up my work table and haul out my sewing machine.


Plain Jane said...

well, I tell you, I LOVE that pic of the birds and berries!! how gorgeous.
Happy Valentines day to you!!

Nicola said...

Love the hearts, and of course the birds!!

Julie said...

Ah, I miss seeing robins (and cardinals) since I've moved to the desert. But as a tradeoff I get to see lots of lizards and pigeons..whee! :)

art spirit said...

LOVE your Heart quilts...they bring a smile to my face!
Love the birds too!

Alma Stoller: I Heart Zines said...

Judy, this is a beautiful quilt. I love the random, free form look of it.

The color combination and the various odd shapes all work together beautifully.