Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scarf, in progress

Inspiration can strike any time. At a craft show last weekend, I bought some orange handspun yarn from Juaquetta of Garden Party Fibers. It's thick-and-thin, with great texture and color, and it immediately reminded me of this gorgeous green yarn I had in my stash, with the same great texture. I thought it would be great to put them together in a scarf for myself. Maybe it was the influence of seeing Ireland's flag hanging on my neighbor's house?

I decided it would be a scarf with a lot of handspun yarn in it. Very simple pattern -- just double crochet -- but the yarns are so neat, that's all you need. I've been crocheting diligently, and I'm about halfway done.

Orange and green scarf in progress

Orange and green scarf close-up

The brown-and-green yarn is handspun by Tracie Lampe (Lampe's Lumps), who taught me how to spin at Artfiberfest last fall. The super chunky red-and-orange yarn is my first handspun yarn. Remember this?

My first yarn

It is huge -- I had to use my Q size hook to crochet it! I'm glad I'm gonna get to wear it in something that I made.

(A reminder: I'm giving away fabric! Post a comment on my March 9 blog entry by next Monday if you want to be in the drawing.)


Cathy Smith said...

what a cool scarf! I love the colors, so rich.
Love ya, Sis

Lisa Gallup said...

Those colors are gorgeous!! So earthy! :)

The Lone Beader said...

Those are bright colours! I would never think to combine them!