Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another sense of Earth Day

I'm not feeling so great today, but I've been reading other folks's blogs, and thoroughly enjoying myself. Thanks to all bloggers for the smiles, tears, laughs, and beauty that you share with your readers! Blogs expand my appreciation of the whole world.

I am in the habit of clicking on my little ClustrMaps widget (at the right, below my flickr account link), every time I check into the world of blogging. It shows visits to my blog by country. I am amazed and humbled that I've got hits from every continent but Antarctica! It is such a huge world, but such a small one, too. A few clicks, and you can be viewing people's writings and photos from almost anywhere.

I hope that as we link with others around the world through technology, we embrace our commonalities. The smile of a grandchild is beautiful on every grandmother's blog. The worry about the environment is equally pressing to a hunter in Michigan and a hiker in Europe. Wildfires in Australia remind us that the U.S. west is not the only dry land that burns with devastating results. The illusion of separation lifts as the fog burns away before the sun. To save the planet, we must deeply feel our connections to one another, no matter where we live on this little globe. Your grandchild becomes my grandchild, and I am honored to work as hard for her future as I do for my own child.

Peace to you on this Earth Day.


nonizamboni said...

Here's to us, the last of the hippies! Such a thoughtful post today. Glad we share some of the same sensibilties...hope you'll be feeling better soon too.

Sarah said...

Well hi Judy!! I'm in Coeur d Alene! Small world. Happy Earth day from another granola - lol. I found you on Noni's blog. Pop by and visit my blog.