Thursday, April 9, 2009

The middle of things

I realized (again) this morning that I am impatient about many things. Why is it so hard to let work evolve on its own schedule? Then again, I have so many projects going at one time, plus I tend to lose interest pretty quickly, and then I don't feel as if I finish anything. There's got to be a balancing point for me -- giving enough attention to what I'm doing now, and giving myself a schedule to finish it. And permission to drop it if it's not going anywhere.

So I am in the middle of these things. I added more paint and circles to the yellow canvas. Even tried stamping with Cheerios, and using them as a resist to the paint. They're glazed, though (honey nut flavor) -- might have been better to use plain ones. But it was fun to play with it!

Yellow circle canvas, stage 2

I've bought some different yellow paints and inks -- more experimenting ahead.

The blue and pink hat is now FINISHED. I gave it a little pink edging, to top it off.

Blue/pink hat scrumble, finished

Yesterday I cut out some pink flannel I've had for a long time, to make a plushie to wear the little hat. I think she's going to be dressed for a party. Stay tuned . . .


poketypatch said...

I can really relate to what you write about. I just bought 3 little 5 X 7 canvas boards to try some stuff on, but they are just sitting on the pile of 8 x 10 boards that I bought a while back. I can't bring myself to do anything because I'm worried I will ruin or waste them ($2.99 okay?) So you have inspired me. Maybe I will just go ahead and take the plunge. Your yellow is very pretty and cheery!

Cotton Picker said...

Good idea about the Cheerios. :)

The painting is progressing nicely with the added depth. Keep going.