Thursday, May 28, 2009


Maple leaf alight

Walking in nature and taking photographs -- these ease my sadness. The sunlight was so beautiful this morning in the maple trees, I had to take a few shots. One of my neighbors was walking his two boys to school as I worked. I said hello as they passed, then turned back to the camera, hearing one of the boys ask, "What is she doing?"

I am looking. I am healing. I am remembering.


GreenishLady said...

And that new camera is certainly paying for its keep! Lovely photo!

Cathy Smith said...

Been thinking of you guys! Lovely photo of the maple leaf.

On some radio show this morning, they asked a trivia question:

"What tree does maple syrup come from?"

About 20 people called in before someone got it right LOL. Answers: pine tree, sweet gum tree, and many, many other really bad answers.

Oh boy! Obviously not midwesterners or northeasterners!

Love ya,