Saturday, May 16, 2009

Track meet

Ross had his final track meet of the season today. It was a llllooonnnnggg meet, but I was happy to give the Canon more of a workout. I used the telephoto lens a lot, and I tried out the continuous shooting mode. It's supposed to shoot 3 frames per second -- I don't think it was quite that fast, but it was plenty fast for me.

For example, continuous photos of Ross throwing the "turbo" javelin:

Ross throwing javelin (1)

Ross throwing javelin (2)

Ross throwing javelin (3)

Ross launching javelin (4)

This was my favorite shot of the day -- Ross in mid-air while long jumping.

Ross long jump (arms up)

There are a couple other shots here on my flickr account.

(I promise there will be some art/fiber postings next week -- I have been working, just haven't had a lot to show lately.)

1 comment:

Cathy Smith said...

Great photos of Ross, those are just so crisp and clear. Wow. Tell him, "Good Job" for me.
Love Auntie Cathy