Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kid in motion

Ross and I have been experimenting with action shots. He likes coming up with "moves," and I'll ask him to repeat the trick a few times, so that I can shoot from different angles.

Last night I realized that this is a collaboration. My son has definite opinions about what will look cool, and about which shots came out the best. If I think a trick isn't going to be interesting, I may suggest that he do it differently, or I'll try to find a better camera angle to see if I can make it better. There's a give-and-take between us, and we're learning to listen to each other's opinions. It's much more interesting than "mom knows best."

Here are some of his park antics.

Flying off a swing

(swing action)

Running into a tree

(bouncing off a tree)

Flying off a rock

(and away he goes)

1 comment:

Lisa Gallup said...

Very cool! You may have a future film director there! :D