Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family vacation 2009

This vacation was time for reconnecting with family. We live far away from the rest of the clan, so time together is rare. We try to make the most of what time we've got.

My parents don't like to have their pictures taken, but I snuck one while I was supposedly taking flower photos in my mom's beautiful gardens.

Mom and Dad and garden

Single orange lily

Orange rose and bug

We met my brother Lee's girlfriend, Meghan. (Hope I'm spelling that correctly?!)

Meghan and Lee

Ross was excited to spend time with his cousins.

Kids eating ice cream

Ross gets a small taste of farm life when he visits my parents. My dad took him for a ride on my grandfather's 1946 John Deere Model B tractor. (Ross's middle name is Albert, named for that grandfather.)

Ross and my dad on the tractor

While in New England, we made trips to Boston and Portland, two cities that I adore. Ross loved the jellyfish at the New England Aquarium:

Ross in front of jellyfish tank

We indulged in the best pizza at Faneuil Hall, and Ross ate his first cannoli there, as well. I love that Ross got to visit another Big City, with skyscrapers and a subway and museums galore, people speaking many languages, and life on every corner.

Bunker Hill Bridge

(Bunker Hill Bridge)

Our time in Portland was brief, but I did manage to snap one amusing shot:

"Lobsters love Guinness"

If you'd like to look at more photos, please visit my vacation photo set at flickr.


Plain Jane said...

Welcome home. looks like a grand all american type vacation!

Suzee said...

Gotta love going home. I think I have a good picture of your parents from Aunt Rachael and Uncle Herb's 50th wedding anniversary party. I'll see if I can dig it up and send it to you. Ease back in to life - no need to rush.

Cotton Picker said...

Nice photos, Judy.

The Guinness sign reminds me of the time hubby was at some outdoor event and saw a guy wearing a T-Shirt that said "Guinness, not just a breakfast drink." LOL

Joanne said...

Gorgeous photos. The lilies are stunning, the rose with the wasp- the lighting is perfect and the one of your dad and son on the tractor is a fabulous double portrait.

Zach Hunt - Spokane Personal Trainer said...

Thank you for sharing your trip with us. It sounds (and looks) like a great time.

liz elayne lamoreux said...

looks like a really beautiful trip! (and makes me a wee bit hungry for lobster....)

inkberryblue said...

Oh Judy ~ you're photos are beautiful! I love the floral photos especially with all their wonderful colour. It looks like a fabulous holiday ~ so nice to reconnect with family. =]