Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fleeing on vacation

I am in a funk.

These things happen. I wake up sick, and energy may not return for days. I've had a nastier-than-normal head cold, plus my neck has been painful. What energy I've had has gone into home projects, keeping Ross occasionally entertained during his summer vacation, and keeping up with the usual chores.

I've managed to use the camera, and I've gotten a few nice shots. But that's been the extent of my creative output for too long.

I don't want this to sound like I'm complaining, but to be honest, I know that I am.

I'm disappointed, I'm frustrated, I'm half-crazy sometimes. I've done a little embroidery, and I've sewed one seam -- in desperation to do something. I'd thought of a theme for a blog entry, but the photos I took for it were very ho-hum, so I dumped them. Thank God that dragonflies aren't ho-hum.

Glitter wings

Fortunately, I get to get out of town and (I hope) get out of my head a little. Our family is leaving on Friday for a week's vacation, off to New Hampshire and Massachusetts, to visit family and to see the sights. It's high time that we go play tourist in Boston, and maybe in Portland. I do love New England. I can see myself shaking out the cobwebs there.

I am thankful that we get to travel this summer. I need to fly away for a while.


Cotton Picker said...

Judy, the dragonfly shots are beautiful.
I'm sure the vacation will do you a world of good. I have to wait until the end of August for my little getaway.

Sarah said...

Yes the dragonflies are wonderful!! I love New England too..but to visit. I taught Girl Scout camp in NH one year - heaven. I love the coast line there!! I hope your vacation refreshes your spirit. I spent my vacation sick as a dog..but I did rest so I guess it served it's purpose.
Hang in there girl, Sarah

Joanne said...

Enjoy your time away. We need a break in routine sometimes. Life can just get into a rut- same stuff, different day. If you're unwell, your body and brain is battling and not able to be creative. It will come.
When we moved into this house three years ago, I couldn't do anything crafty. Just couldn't. If I tried, I would make so many mistakes I would spend more time unpicking. I spoke to an older lady who pretty much told me to back off on pushing myself. I was exhausted mentally and physically and just needed to give myself time. Sure enough, it all came back eventually.
In the meantime, I would advise borrowing a stack of large, glossy, coffee table type books from the library. Just soak in other people's creative stuff for a while- gardens, architecture, craft, art, whatever is eye candy for you. Let it wash over you and don't try to force anything.
And from someone who knows, make sure there is no underlying medical condition that could be dragging you down. (For me it was a vitamin B12 deficiency)
BTW, love the dragonfly!

inkberryblue said...

I have blah weeks too...
I hope your vacation is really refreshing ~ it sounds fabulous from where I'm sitting!
Get well soon.

Phoenix said...

Oh, I love New England! Though I am thousands of miles away and don't know when I'll visit again, but your post conjured up all sorts of pleasant memories.