Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rose among the thorns

Red rose among the thorns

Winter was very hard here in Spokane. All of my rose bushes looked dead this spring. They were here when we bought the house, and I had tended them as best as I could, but I am not a big fan of hybrid tea roses. Give me a unruly species rose any day, but the fussy ones are not my favorites. So, when the bushes looked bad, I thought, okay, good, I'll dig them out and put something else there.

Never count out a rose bush, though. They have all since come back and bloomed, without any care from me. Yes, sadly, I have not even cut back the dead canes this year. They've had little love from me, although I have been watering them when I water the lawn. And that is all they have needed from me, apparently.

They have triumphed despite my neglect, and my disdain, and my plotting against them. They have produced beauty from the sunshine. I can learn tenacity from these roses.


Joanne said...

What a beautiful photo- there's a hint of the Gothic about it too!
Yes, nature can sometimes teach us important lessons.

Agnes said...

I have no patients with roses either. Yesterday a neighbor had to point out to me a tiny little rose blooming under the garden Phylox that I transplanted from the farm. I thought that bush was totally dead!!!

inkberryblue said...

What a gorgeous post ~ I love your image and your words.
It was so hot here last Summer that, to my dismay, three of my roses died. There's a lesson about noticing and nurturing for me in there...

speaker for the silent said...

I read your post like a spiritual anthem that is encouraging to my soul. While we may do little to cultivate the plant and soil, God nonetheless shines upon it and makes it grow. Thank you for your insights and that great picture!