Monday, October 5, 2009

Windy flowers

It wasn't swine flu.

But it was a virus, some sort of crud, that gave Ross and me a fever for a few days. I slept a lot, but I did manage to do a little hand-stitching, as well. Ross was (annoyingly) perky, but running a 100-degree temperature -- go figure. By the weekend, we were both doing much better.

I'd been feeling very out of touch with the natural world, so on our windy Sunday afternoon, I grabbed the camera and took a little walk. The flowers were waving around madly and the light was getting dim, but I clicked away, anyway. (Sharp focus can be overrated.) I tossed out most of what I shot, but I thought I'd share these, in honor of this October Monday.

Dark purple asters

Japanese anemone profusion

Wind-blown Japanese anemones


Joanne said...

Very pretty. I especially love the last one. It would make a beautiful painting or embroidery. The way you've captured it gives it a 3-dimensional look.

BTW, glad you are both feeling better.

Cotton Picker said...

Judy, I love your photography.

Plain Jane said...

Yikes! gorgeous. SO glad you and the kid are feeling better!!