Saturday, November 28, 2009

My 2009 zine

I apologize for not posting more lately. I am paddling along in the river of life right now, trying to keep my head above water. (Hoping not to drown in the flood of the holidays!) I know I will find a rhythm to this, eventually. I think blogging will still be a part of my routine, but I'm open to whatever will be the best path for me.

I did want to show you the covers of my zine:

"Something Extra" #2 zines

I am participating in Alma Stoller's I Heart Zines 2009 swap. Last year's swap was really cool -- I loved the zines I received. It was a huge push to get this year's zine finished and out the door on time, but I did it. It's called Something Extra #2 (The Circle Issue).

I made my covers by hand again this year. I painted white ice cream bags, then stitched them to the pages of my calendar from last year. (Every recipient gets to read my family's appointments and events for a month of 2008.) Then I cut out a bunch of circles from fabric and paper, and glued or sewed them on, and also traced blue and white circles with markers. Each cover is its own goofy self.

The swap theme is art/craft zines. I wrote a large article about the art of sand mandalas. I also wrote an article about a no-sew fabric doll that you can make with kids, plus a couple of other small pieces to fill it out. I tend to struggle with article ideas, but in the end, I am amazed that it comes together. It's a good stretch for me. And when the swap package arrives, it's wonderful to read everyone's else zine. So much honest effort and beauty and passion . . .

There is a postscript to last year's swap. Somerset Studio asked Alma to write an article about the 2008 swap; the article is in the current issue (Nov/Dec 2009). She highlighted a few of the zines, and Something Extra (#1) got a mention! It's a thrill to see my work mentioned in a national magazine.

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Jane LaFazio said...

wow, cool project. And glad you were mentioned in Somerset! I'll check it out.