Saturday, December 26, 2009

Images from Christmas

Sometimes it seemed like a mighty struggle to get to the finish line that is Christmas Day, but we did it this year. For all my internal and external grumbling about the work, I do love Christmas. I love finding great gifts for everyone -- it is a creative endeavor.

The biggest news? Ross got his Wii this year. He had asked for it last year, and we said no. But this year, he has worked so hard at school, we've been impressed, and thought he had earned it. He was in a little shock, at first . . .

Photo number one -- he's not sure if he can believe what he's reading on the box:

Ross opening Wii (number one)

Photo number two -- it's starting to sink in:

Ross opening Wii (number 2)

Photo number three -- it really IS a Wii!

Ross opening Wii (number 3)

Ross and Wii

I bought Chris a piece of amber for his office. Isn't the color amazing in the sunlight?

Chris and amber

Gus and Bubba loved their toys, too.

Gus with feather toy

Bubba gnawing on toy

There were the quiet moments, as well.

Bubba under the tree

I walked to Gaiser Conservatory today to photograph the annual light show. It was a cold walk, and I waited for my lens to defog before I could snap away.

Christmas in the greenhouse

I tried out my new macro lens (the one thing I really really really wanted for Christmas). I didn't get anything spectacular -- too hard to shoot anything really sharp without a tripod -- but the 100+ year old Christmas cactus, lit with pink lights, posed prettily for me.

Christmas cactus flower

I am fortunate to have next week off from work, and am looking forward to relaxing with my family -- and getting in some art time!

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inkberryblue said...

Gorgeous photos ~ I love the changing expressions on Ross's face. I really like your sock garland too! The Gaiser Conservatory looks beautiful. No fogged up lenses here in Western Australia ~ the weather forecast for tomorrow is 104 degrees Farenheit. Phew.
Hope you have a restful, restorative break. =)