Friday, January 15, 2010

Stained glass light

Sometimes, it's simply the light that gets me.

stained glass light (#1)

Our church (the one I belong to, and I work in) isn't built in a traditional Christian church layout. We don't have stained glass windows lining the sanctuary. But we do have 4 small stained glass windows in the corners of the atrium. This winter I've noticed that the sun, which has fallen far south in the sky, shines weak rays through one of those windows.

stained glass light (#2)

Marvelous mottled colors fall onto a white pedestal in the late morning. I shot these photos facing one of the pedestal's corners, so that you can see two sides at once. (The dark vertical line in each shot is the corner.)

stained glass light (#3)

Isn't it a wonder? These photos are unaltered (I reduced the file size, but no cropping or brightening or tweaking) -- straight out of the camera, as flickr-ites would tell you.

stained glass light (#4)

We have so many gray winter days here, that moments of sunlight are gladly embraced by all who notice them. Imagine, then, how grateful we are when we get a gift like this!