Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heart Signals, really finished at last

There's nothing like a deadline to prod me into finishing a piece. I call this one "Heart Signals."

"Heart Signals" (final)

(The color is off in this photo -- I really need to invest in some better lighting!)

Once I got the piece mounted onto a stretched canvas, I began to sweat how I'd finish it. It came to me that a knotted cord or ribbon would mimic the embroidery I'd done on this piece, which is alternating French knots and straight stitch. I sewed a kind of ribbon or bias tape, then knotted it and glued it on as a frame.

I've got to admit -- once I'd glued on the knots, I thought it looked like a wedding cake! The knots remind me of fancy icing doodads.

"Heart Signals" in profile

Then I wondered what to do with the sides of the canvas. I'd made some pink "fabric paper" by gluing text from old books and handwriting samples onto muslin, then gluing pink tissue paper over it. Eventually I cut circles with a punch, again thinking about mimicking French knots. But the plain circles lacked something. So I punched small holes into the circles with an awl, then sewed white embroidery floss through them. A little glue, and there it was.

Left side of "Heart Signals" (close-up)

Center heart

"Heart Signals" was by far the girliest thing in the Raw Space show. I felt a little odd about it hanging with some fairly dark pieces. But hey -- it was unique, a little confectionery, and a break from all the seriousness.


Cotton Picker said...

Great work. I love all the textures. Also very impressive French knots (which I am too scared to try - ;)


Jane LaFazio said...

love it! and girly is great sometimes. and it looks great on the canvas.

inkberryblue said...

It's beautifully and professionally finished, Judy. I heart it! (I just had to say that!)