Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crocheting fabric

Today was wet and cool. It felt like a day to crochet.

Backtracking a little: I hadn't crocheted in months, but then I picked up some gorgeous blue/green handspun yarn from Juaquetta at Garden Party Fibers in March. When I sat through juror training at the county courthouse a couple weeks ago, I made use of the time by working up a simple scarf.

Blue-green scarf

Now that I've got the itch to crochet, I thought I'd try an idea I've had for a while.

Last year I facilitated an art project at my church. The congregation participated in creating a "peace tree" with strips of fabric -- mostly cotton sheets and shirts from my stash. This was the finished project:

Peace tree

When we took the tree down, I couldn't throw it out. (My middle name should have been Pack-rat.) I've wanted to tie the strips together and crochet them, but I hadn't gotten around to doing it, until this afternoon.

Fabric doesn't have the "give" that yarn has, so I learned that I needed to keep my tension loose, or else I couldn't pull my hook through. I only did one row of double crochet. It quickly got thick and heavy.

Crocheted fabric strips

It's too heavy to become clothing or an accessory, but it could become something sculptural, perhaps. Or a rug, if I put a backing on it?

My cat Gus thought it was fun to play with the fabric strips, at least.

Gus with crocheted fabric

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