Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sometimes I have trouble undoing my work when I don't like the way it's turning out. Why I am so attached to a few strands of thread, or a few beads, or whatever I need to change?

I had to talk myself into removing the orange daisies from my backpack panel. They were in the wrong spot, and not quite the right color. But part of me always wants the illusion of progress as I work -- that I'm getting something "accomplished" -- and tearing out an "accomplishment" makes me feel as if I'm going backwards.

I doubt that makes a lot of sense. It's very silly. Yet I noticed the resistance in me when I considered the idea of cutting out those daisies. I had to take a deep breath as I picked up the scissors. But once I began snipping threads and pulling them out, I relaxed. Now the panel is closer to the look I was hoping for. Which is an accomplishment.

Side panel of backpack, embellished


Cotton Picker said...

Looking good. :)

inkberryblue said...

It's so pretty and delicate!

Joanne said...

I get what you mean about the accomplishment and going backwards. I've been known to put a project to the bottom of the pile rather than unpick something!