Thursday, May 27, 2010

Collage on the mail

I'm mailing a great article to a friend. (It's a piece in the latest issue of the Buddhist magazine Shambhala Sun, about waking up -- if you're curious, there's an excerpt here.) Like so many others, I don't send a lot of physical mail any more, so I was a little excited to have this opportunity to create a little mail art piece.

It's entirely collage from a flower catalog, glued onto a standard envelope. (I tend to hoard those catalogs, because the pictures are so pretty that I have a hard time throwing them out.)

A little piece on the left front side:

Mail art flower envelope (front)

I went crazier on the back:

Mail art flower envelope (back)

A little color in the mailbox -- what's not to like?


Suzee said...

Very Pretty! I still love getting real envelopes in the mail :)

inkberryblue said...

Thanks for the link ~ I'm going to go back and read some more. I was explaining the idea of cognitive shock to the little people I work with on everyone needs to give themselves cool down time before they can effectively sort out arguments ~ something I need to remember myself sometimes.

Thanks, also, for telling me about the Pema Chodron CDs you've been listening to. I love her work and am always happy to find something else to listen to.

Gorgeous envelope! I would imagine your friend will love it!

Nikki said...

I hoard the garden catalogs too!

NM_Creatrix said...

I never send out a plain white envelope- since I am an asrtist in an artistic business I always decorate my envelopes. You can take a picture out of National Geographic and fold in into an envelope- they are nice too.

The Dreaming Bear said...

What a wonderful treat to find that in the mail! I miss snail mail too. I have one friend left whom I exchange snail mail with, and I treasure every little package, because she always treats me to a little something...stickers, glitter, candy, etc.