Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'd hoped to stitch enough to finish this heart today. But there wasn't quite enough time -- the session in the car, and the session in the audience, as I waited for my son's concert, just didn't add up.

8th quilted heart, almost done

My yoga teacher has a bag of quotations, on little slips like a fortune-cookie fortune; each student gets to draw a slip from the bag at the end of class. On Monday, one of my fellow students drew this out of the bag:
"Inches make champions." -- Vince Lombardi

It's a very appropriate thought for yoga. During every session, a practitioner is encouraged to work deeper into a pose; most stretches are not static. The quote fits my experience of creative work, as well. As I make things, I have periods when I seemingly make very little progress, and it's easy to belittle my efforts or to feel that I'm failing. But it's an effort in patience with myself. Visible progress may be measured in millimeters, but as I long as I persevere, it is still valuable progress.

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