Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lawn mowing moment

I didn't post yesterday because we went to a movie, but I did finish stitching wrinkles into this heart's backing.

Heart with wrinkled fabric back

Today was a catch-up-with-chores day. While I was mowing the lawn, I thought it'd be interesting to take a photo of myself in that moment's reality: sweaty and tired. I parked the mower under a tree and played with camera angles. This shot was the best. I like the rogue strands of grass in the foreground, and I didn't need to crop it at all.

Lawn mowing did me


Joanne said...

Hehe, I just had a giggle imagining your neighbors peering out behind the curtains saying "What on earth is she doing now?!?"
I don't mow lawns- never have, not once. I'm afraid if I do it once it will also become my job, like taking out the trash and cleaning up after the dog.

Jane LaFazio said...

ha! laying in front of the lawn mower?