Sunday, May 23, 2010

Playing with blue paper

Not all of the dye has dried yet -- the t-shirt will be revealed tomorrow. Here's a peak at the paper:

Dyed paper, four ways

The top two samples were on white grocery bags, and the bottom two were on brown grocery bags. I love the intense, pure blue, yet I think the brown bags could be very useful, too.

Dyed paper doodles

The Sharpie doodles shine through the pigment dyes. Using the clamps to resist the dye worked fairly well. If I'd used less dye, there'd be more white. I find the back side very interesting -- there are places where the doodles bled through, leaving partial images.

Dyed paper doodles, back

I twisted up some of the paper, as I did for that spidery thingy a couple days ago. My fingers got a little blue as I twisted; maybe using a hot iron to set the dye into the paper would have been a good idea. I sewed the twists into a little lantern shape.

Paper twisty lantern

The paper doesn't hold its shape very well, as you can imagine, so it was a mistake to think it would bow out into a perfect lantern. It's good to experience what the paper can and cannot do.

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