Monday, May 17, 2010


I felt disappointed this morning as I thought about my weekend. I had hoped to get in a large block of creative time, but chores and commitments seemed to block my path.

I'm still learning how to keep my commitment to my creative path.

Being gentle and forgiving with myself isn't easy. Anger arises in me when ego knocks around in my head, squawking "You should have gotten so much more done this weekend -- what's WRONG with you?! You wasted time, you fooled around, you didn't concentrate. You failed -- again!"

Sometimes anger is the fuel that pushes me. Tonight it felt like a force that I needed to release physically. Free-motion quilting appealed to me. The sewing machine runs fast and loud, I push and pull the fabric around, and there is a rhythm to it. It's almost mindless, but it demands concentration; it's a meditation of sorts. A good activity for shutting up the ruthless ego.

I quilted a section of the red-and-white patchwork fabric that I'm using to make the hearts. I suspect that I'm going to need it for the sculpture yet to come.

Red and white free motion quilting

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