Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rhythm and flow

I came home from work and crocheted while Ross did his homework. He watched me intently for a while, then said: "Oh, I see how you double crochet." Then he proceeded to describe the technique correctly. I remember trying to teach him how to do it months ago, but he was more interested in single crochet, and he never really got the hang of it. Now I think he could do it easily. His hands and mind have started to find the rhythm of crochet.

It's a dance, the way your hand works the hook in and out, pulling and twisting, creating loop upon loop. I take joy in the movement. I like the flow of it -- there is a meditative quality to the work. The present moment is where the hook does its work. My mind rests.

fabric crochet (decreasing rows)

I'm nearing the end of this part of the project, because I'm running out of fabric strips. What's next?

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Joanne said...

Its nice when the concept falls into place for them, isn't it?
Lookin' good, Judy.