Saturday, May 22, 2010

Using up old dye

Friday was not a very creative day, unless you count sewing badges onto a newly-minted Boy Scout's shirt and hemming his uniform pants. I'm glad my son is moving up from Cub Scouts, but I didn't budget my time well. Oh well, it happens. The important thing for me is to keep going the next day. Otherwise, I start beating myself up.

Today I decided to experiment with paper again. I've had a bottle of diluted blue pigment dye sitting around for a long time, and it was time to use it.

As usual, the cats thought I was inviting them to play with the art supplies.

Gus sniffing dye jar 5-22-2010

Gus with sharpies

I cut open a couple of small white grocery bags, and decided to doodle on one of them.

Doodles on grocery bag

Then it was time to add texture.

Paper with doodles, crumpled

I covered the table with plastic and rummaged around for other things to dye. I wanted to pour as little of the dye down the drain as possible, and I knew I had a lot to use up. I found a white t-shirt that's a 50/50 cotton-poly blend -- perfect for pigment dyeing, because it will color the polyester, unlike procion dyes. I placed it under the paper that I planned to dye, so that it would absorb the excess.

I accordian-folded the doodles, then clamped them, hoping for a tie-dye effect. Bubba had to get in his sniffing at that point.

Bubba sniffing paper 5-22-210

Then I began to pour the dye. The blue looks pretty intense, but it won't be that bright in the end.

Dyed, doodled paper with clamps

Now it's a waiting game -- 24 hours for the shirt. I haven't unclamped the doodles yet, but some of the plain paper is already dry. This is a brown paper bag, simply crumpled and lightly dyed:

Brown grocery bag, dyed blue

I'm hoping for some interesting surprises when everything is dry.

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