Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back to crocheting fabric

I mostly enjoyed my 30-day creating-and-blogging challenge. I noticed that I got bored with one project, so I'd move to the next thing, then the next, but not finish anything. That's been my tendency, but the challenge made it even more obvious to me. It became clearer that I also get discontented when I haven't finished anything in a while. There has to be a balance between experimenting and completing.

So. I've picked up the crochet hook again, to complete that fabric strip project. I finished the flat piece of mostly green fabrics, and formed it into a sort of blobby 3D shape.

Fabric strips blob

Next, I decided that I want to crochet a tube to attach to the "blob." I wasn't sure how to do that, so I worked up a couple of samples after consulting A to Z Crochet, a great resource if you crochet.

Purple crocheted tubes

Not long ago, I wouldn't have bothered with the samples. I would have impatiently crashed onward, then been unhappy with the results. This time I recognized that I needed to step back and try it out on a small scale first. Much saner, don't you think?

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Alma said...


i love your crochet know how much i love it too....and all those little sample thingamabobs can easily be incorporated into a fabric or another freeform crochet piece.