Saturday, June 19, 2010

Craft party fun

We had a small Etsy Craft Party here in Spokane last night in a local coffee shop. Very fun!

Spokane Etsy Craft Party -- Lacey

Spokane Etsy Craft Party -- Crystal

We talked a lot about the crafts we do, sewing machines we love, and Etsy, of course. And we agreed to try it again next month! If you're in the Spokane area and would like to be part of a craft group, sign up for our Yahoo! email group here.

I got to sew a new plushie last night, too. Nosey was finished this afternoon.

Nosey (on book)

(The book is Susanna Oroyan's Anatomy of a Doll. I used it to figure out how to needlesculpt the nose.)

Nosey (close-up)


Jane LaFazio said...

what a fun evening and I love Nosey!
and thanks for shopping at my etsy!!! I'll send it today. xo

inkberryblue said...
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inkberryblue said...

Sorry, my post was full of typos. (I'm a bit tired.) Here's what I meant to say!

Sounds like a fun party...I love getting together with other creative people. Are you making things to sell on Etsy?

I think Nosey is cute and I love your crochet fabric. I've been thinking about doing this too. Strikes me as being a great way to recycle.

inkberryblue said...

Silly me! I've just read your "Invitation" post where you've explained what an Etsy Party is. =P