Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Packing for vacation

So, what do you bring in the way of art/craft supplies on vacation?

I've brought various things over the years: jewelry components, handwork on small art quilts, and even an altered children's book for a trip journal. This year, I don't have a project that seems portable enough, and I'm not interested in "just" doing an art journal. What intrigues me is the idea of bringing a few tools and supplies and then making stuff with whatever is on hand.

Travel supplies

Everything fits in a lidded plastic container, and can be carried on the plane (except for the large pair of scissors, which will go in my checked bag).
  • needles
  • thread: upholstery & beading (Silamide)
  • embroidery floss & perle cotton -- just a few colors, in a slightly different palette than I usually work in
  • thimble
  • scissors, large and small
  • a few markers & pens
  • glue stick (must go in the liquids baggie for security)
  • 3 pairs of baby socks -- in case I get the urge for plushie making!
Now I'm in the mindset of looking at lots of objects as possible art supplies . . . I'm hoping it'll be a freeing adventure.


Cotton Picker said...

Hi Judy:

Hope you find time to create something while you're away. I never seem to be able to while I'm on vacation.

Have a good time.


Nikki said...

I tend to freak out if I don't have some little hand sewing project - just a ziplock with the project, small scissors, needle and some embroidery thread. I usually don't work on it much, but I feel better knowing it's there. Anymore I pack my journal and a bag of pens everywhere I go, so of course that goes on vacation too.

Have fun on your vacation! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!