Monday, September 27, 2010

A journal page today

I'm not much of an art journaler. I'm more of a writer and a list maker and a creator of diagrams (when I'm figuring out how to make something). But I do like to pull out the journal to mess around occasionally.

Today I read a blog post by Diana Trout, author of Journal Spilling. She has started to write weekly "creative nudges" on her blog, calling it a "Creative Revolution." A chance to reclaim your creativity, in fast, non-intimidating spurts. She's started a flickr group, too, where people can posts their responses to her nudges.

The first nudge was posted September 15: take paper or fabric scraps, play with them on a page, then stick them down. She suggested that if you were reading the post at work, that you take 5 minutes to gather some papers and then glue them down at home. Well, who can pass that up? Not me, especially when I knew I had a whole desk drawer of files from the previous person in my job that I still haven't gone through. Cleaning out my desk and finding art supplies. Score!

I even did a 5-minute sketch in my day planner while I waited for my son to get out of school. I'm not much of a sketcher, either, but it's a good way to look at what's around me at any given moment.

Journal page 9-27-10

If you'd like to play along, Diana has already posted the next prompt. Enjoy!

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