Saturday, October 30, 2010

Collaged journal page (part two)

Diana Trout's nudge #7: Paint gesso or white paint over your five-minute collage and draw into the wet paint with a pencil.

I am a big fan of FULL color, but I decided I'd give the "whitewash" a try. I attempted to apply gesso thinly in the spots where I wanted color to come through, and I wiped some of it away if it seemed too heavy. But it dried very quickly -- too fast to get the effect Diana was going for. So I had a very white page on my hands!

I took out my markers and pens, and drew back over the photos and words that I wanted to preserve. I added words that popped into my head as I worked. Then I added a little embroidery for visual interest. This was easy to do, since I'd done the collage on a separate sheet of chipboard. (I like to do elaborate pages on their own substrate, then glue them into my journal later.)

The re-drawing made me think about the images I'd chosen. A pseudo-story emerged before my eyes.

Black paint or gesso could be interesting, too. . . .

Journal page 10-30-10

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Collaged journal page (part one)

Journal page 10-25-10

Inspired by Diana Trout's nudge #6 -- a "5-minute collage" -- which took me more like 45 minutes. I stopped tearing out photos and words to read some of the magazine articles I'd missed! Plus, I couldn't resist fiddling with the placement of the photos a little bit, but there was no stress involved.

Now I'm off to work on Diana's nudge #7 . . .

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beautiful October walk

We've had gorgeous weather most of this month. Today I finally took out my camera and went for a walk in the sunshine. I cannot resist Manito Park when the leaves are in their autumn glory.

A view of the Japanese garden through the fence . . .

Japanese garden

The crop of leaves is ripe for the picking (with my eyes.)

Yellow birch leaves at the fence

I found myself noticing striking patterns -- bark, shingles on a roof, mushrooms, pine needles, and more leaves.

Red Japanese maple leaves against green

Looking up and trying to decide how to frame the views -- what an embarrassment of riches.

Ponderosa and red Japanese maple

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Growing Roots

Working on journal pages feels like a low-key way to get back into a creative groove. I glued down a background collage last night and started the lettering before I went to bed. Tonight I came back to finish the page, and I DID finish -- a small accomplishment, but probably the best thing I've done in weeks.

Journal page 10-19-10

Monday, October 18, 2010

Journal page, 10-17-10

Journal page 10-17-10

(Inspired by Diana Trout's creative nudge from October 4.)

I decided to do something, anything, in my journal last night, to kickstart something creative. I've not felt very inspired this month. Spending ten minutes with some markers made me feel a little less hopeless.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A blog you may want to check out

My cousin Suzee is a food blogger. She pointed me to an amazing food blog, called Lovemenu. Not only does the author, Emily Katz, create beautiful food, she also captures her creations in watercolor-and-stitch! Unique and beautiful. Go check it out!