Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beautiful October walk

We've had gorgeous weather most of this month. Today I finally took out my camera and went for a walk in the sunshine. I cannot resist Manito Park when the leaves are in their autumn glory.

A view of the Japanese garden through the fence . . .

Japanese garden

The crop of leaves is ripe for the picking (with my eyes.)

Yellow birch leaves at the fence

I found myself noticing striking patterns -- bark, shingles on a roof, mushrooms, pine needles, and more leaves.

Red Japanese maple leaves against green

Looking up and trying to decide how to frame the views -- what an embarrassment of riches.

Ponderosa and red Japanese maple

1 comment:

lolo said...

Wow... Gorgeous pictures! I love the color of the leaves! I think you had a wonderful October walk!

Lolo :-)