Thursday, November 18, 2010

When in doubt, just keep going

I have no doubt that I've been in a funk for most of the autumn. There are lots of reasons, but no excuses. Do you know what I mean? I can blame outer circumstances, and I can blame myself, but what use is any of that? Blame is wasted energy. Right now, it's more important to me to keep going. I know that I must keep doing something, anything creative.

I bought a package of three small Moleskine journals. Nothing fancy, just simple cardboard covers and blank pages. They are light and thin -- perfect to carry in my purse. I put 4 pens in there as well, thinking a small selection would tempt me to use them all, but most of the time I've been using only one.

As a mother, I spend time waiting for my child. Most days, it's just a few minutes. The perfect moment to take out the Moleskine and do something. This was a rough 5-minute sketch:

Garbage cart sketch

Nothing great. But it's something.

Occasionally I get 15 or 20 minutes of waiting time. If I'm not sleep deprived, I'm usually eager to scan my surroundings for a subject to sketch. And if I like the sketch enough, I may go back and add color later. The next two sketches have colored pencil.

Street scene sketch

Pumpkin figurine sketch

There's something very satisfying about playing with colored pencils, trying out colors, seeing what I can mix together to approximate what I saw. It's an appealing way to end my day.


Cotton Picker said...

Hi Judy:
You're doing better than I am. I have not had time to do anything creative for the last three weeks.

Joanne said...

Hullo, she has another talent!! Very nice sketches, Judy. Wish my scribbles looked half as good.

Yolanda said...

How are you? I know last week you got a lot of snow. Hope you are doing well. Have a good weekend.