Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photos of the season

Part One
I painted some quick gift tags the other night, but made the mistake of leaving the wet paper where our cat Gus could get to it. Of course he walked right into the red paint! Luckily, Chris caught him before he left Christmas footprints all over the place.

Cat feet with red paint (and whiskers)

Cat feet with red paint

Part Two
The sun peeked out just a tiny bit this afternoon. I grabbed my camera to take photos of the berries on my neighbor's mountain ash tree.

Mountain ash branches with snow

Mountain ash berry bunches

Mountain ash berries with snow

Mountain ash berries with red orange blur

Mountain ash berries close-up

Mountain ash berry on snowy fence

1 comment:

Cotton Picker said...

Hi Judy:

I love the contrast between the white and red, more so on the berry photos than on the cat's paws. :)

Wishing you a Merry Christmas.